Braviloni Russian Piping Tips - Cake Decorating Set

Russian Piping Tips 19 Pcs Baker's Kit Set for Cake Cupcake Decorating Home Bake

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Russian Piping Tips 19 Pcs Baker's Kit Set for Cake Cupcake Decorating Home Bake


INCLUDED: Each one of our 19 piece baking sets includes (7) Russian Tips, (10) Disposable Pastry Bags, (1) Coupler and (1) Reusable Silicone Pastry Bag. 19 Pc Baking Set: While other sets only include a few Russian ball piping tips and nothing else, our baker's kit includes 19 accessories to help you when decorating all of your tasty cakes, cute cupcakes and other treats. Easy To Use: The baking accessories included in this set are quite easy to use, which is why they are recommended for beginners or culinary masters. Top Quality: Mooker is proud to offer Russian ball piping tips and baking tools that are made out of materials which are exceptionally strong, durable and dependable. Great Gift Idea: Everyone needs some baking tools he or she can turn to when decorating baked goodies, which is why this 19 piece Russian ball piping kit makes a terrific gift idea for any cake decorator, home baker or culinary school grad in your life.


Operating Instructions:

1. Wash the piping tip in warm water before use.

2. Install the 3-color coupler to the pastry bag.

3. Fill the piping bag with butter cream that is at room temperature, not too soft or too firm.

4. Squeeze gently to create a base for the flower and then pull away by 1-2cm to form your flower.

5. Clean the tip of the nozzle before making another flower.

The best way to bring your cakes, cupcakes, cookie cakes and other sweet treats to life is to top them with a layer of delicious frosting. However, not just any piping tips will do when it comes to decorating your goodies with perfection. The (7) Russian Ball Piping Tips included in this set by Mooker are just what you need to whip up baked creations that look just as gorgeous as they taste. Since you of course will need other baking accessories in order to use the Russian ball piping tips, we are also including (10) disposable pastry bags, (1) coupler and (1) reusable silicone pastry bag. Order your 19 piece Russian Ball Piping Set today!

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